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Investment Philosophy

Ascent Equity Partners employs an opportunistic approach to investing that targets undervalued multi-family properties across the United States. Ascent focuses on acquiring assets at a discount to replacement cost and comparable sales, in markets that offer the opportunity to increase returns through the execution of a value-enhanced strategy. Ascent has a dedicated team that is focused on deal sourcing, project management and property operations. Ascent uses its existing repositioning costs through intensive project management. Ascent has a unique process which requires a combination of real estate and capital expertise.

The Ascent Process

  • Ascent specializes in assets that have operational inefficiencies, underperforming rents, physical deficiencies, and can benefit from our value-add strategy and expertise.
  • Ascent undergoes an intensive due diligence process, which includes physical, market, financial and legal analysis
  • Ascent executes with the most accretive debt/equity financing available by utilizing our extensive network of contacts and relationships
  • Ascent maximizes value through rigorous property and asset management
  • Ascent continually monitors the capital markets to determine the optimal time to monetize our investments

Ascent has extensive experience executing its strategies and continually seeks new opportunities that fit your investment criteria.

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"Ascent took over our problem tenants. They were able to work out our tenant issues and were able to get back over 1 months rent we never thought we’d see."
- C. Shinofield

"Ascent Asset Management increased our operating income by 22% in one year, while keeping expenses at a minimum. We were pleased with their service and will use Ascent as long as we own the building."
- M. Lee

"We have Ascent Asset Management manage our three investment properties. Our last management company couldn't keep track of our accounting and our maintenance costs were out the roof !"
- R. Sommer

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